BFREE Yoga is based in Austin, Texas and is a practice for all beings everywhere. We offer a dynamic, rhythmic practice rooted in the system of yoga. Our signature breath-based flow sets intention, strengthens and aligns your body, and excavates your heart. Our approach to yoga is playful, spiritual, and visceral. We offer a variety of classes that compliment a well-rounded daily routine. Balance your fiery flow with a calm, grounding Yin. In addition to full length classes we offer brief tutorials on meditation, breath, and postures to inform your practice.


What our customers are saying

BFREE is the perfect blend of fitness and yoga philosophy. Every teacher is amazing, genuine, kind and knowledgeable on the practice of yoga. I highly recommend these classes to anyone, whether you have been a yogi for 10 years or you have never practiced yoga in your life.

Lila O.

Shelby is a masterful sequencer with classes that are fluid, challenging, and fun. This studio understands what yoga is, it fills my heart and reminds me who I am. I hope everyone can have their heart filled with BFREE as well.

Kelli D.

Each class is different according to the teacher's style. Some are faster-paced with upbeat music, others are more flowy and slower-paced. You can pick your class according to what you are wanting for that day. Every class is challenging and sweaty, getting in a great workout and feeling amazing.

Erin T.

Experience BFREE across all platforms

We’ve built a digital studio that offers one of a kind virtual yoga, merging state of the art sound and stunning visuals elevating your in-home or on-the-go yoga.